Q1. Have not received CONFIRMATION EMAIL

I just signed up and subscribed to your program, but I did not receive the email with my log in details (***Purchased AFTER 16 June 2016***)

To access your content you must open the Clickbank purchase confirmation email and click on the green button that says 'Download or Access Digital Product' - once you click this you will be taken to my Private Members Area to create your account.  It's that simple. You only do it once. Once this is done you should receive your login details via another email very soon.

I just signed up and subscribed to your program, but I did not receive the email with my log in details  (***Purchased BEFORE 16 June 2016***)

Failure to receive the email with the logins may be due to a temporary technical glitch in our system. Kindly send us a ticket at support@healthyyouhealthylove.comto request for the details. And kindly include the email address which you have used to register or purchase the program so we can better locate your subscription and logins in our system.


I tried to access the member’s area using the details provided but I could not login successfully. Either, my username and password was not recognized or I end up on an error page.

This usually happens depending on the type of browser you are currently using. It works different with every user. Here are some steps to help you:

  1. Please try to clear the cookies on your browser, or try a different browser to see if that helps.
  2. We also recommend that you refresh the site/page every time you need to log in again. 
  3. It is  also better to copy and paste your username and password to avoid confusion or typo errors.  Also please note that if you copy and paste and you have a space in front or after username or password then this could stop you from logging in successfully.  Make sure that you copy and paste the letters/number only.  No spaces. 
  4. Another way you can try is by logging in using INCOGNITO mode especially when you are using Google Chrome.  Different browsers call this different names such as ‘Private Mode’, etc. 

If you still have concerns then please contact us again.